Week 01- Introduction to Group project / team selection and 1st project pitch planning – visual reference gathering and "key scenes" sketches.

Week 02 – No class (Labor Day) – Continue to work on visual reference gathering for project. Confer with team members about your initial project pitch, work on "key scene" sketches.

Week 03 – First project pitch / presentation of "key scene" sketches. Work in class on choosing and developing one "key scene" sketch into a finished "Look and Feel" conceptual illustration. Extra credit – additional "key scenes"

Week 04 – Presentation of final "Key Scene" illustrations. Work in class on first character design assignment: "Minor Players" - thumbnail sketches of "minor players" in the world: (citizens, soldiers, shop owners, background characters, etc.) Homework: Refine 2 of the thumbnail sketches chosen in class into more finished sketches/designs

Week 05 – Presentation of sketches for "Minor Players". Work in class on developing a chosen character into a finished full-color character illustration with orthographic drawings and material callouts. - Costumed figure drawing with a live model. Homework: Complete the finished "minor player" character design. Extra credit – animation/expression sketches of your character.

Week 06 – Present "Minor Players" final designs – "Location Scouting and Design" Lecture and in-class exercises. Start in-class on environments/location design sketches. Homework: Sketches of various environments/locations

Week 07 – Environment/Location Design sketches presented. Work in-class on taking one image to final. Digital painting techniques and practices within the entertainment industry. Homework: Final environment concepts. Extra Credit – additional supporting environment color sketches

Week 08 – Environments/Locations Final presented – Work in-class on set-piece breakdown concepts / construction schematics and modularity drawings based on the final environment illustrations presented in class. Homework: Set-piece breakdown production drawings with call-outs.

Week 09 – Environments/Locations Set-piece breakdowns presented – Monster Design lecture/presentation. Start work on creature sketches.

Week 10 – Creature design sketches presented. Choose one in-class to take to final.

Week 11 – Final creature designs presented – Work in-class on a prop design challenge "Crates and barrels". Lecture on hero and "major player" design. Homework: Major player thumbnail sketches

Week 12 – "Major Player" thumbnails presented – Lecture on collaborative creativity – how to work within a group to arrive at a great solution. In-class "design iteration" exercises. Homework: Refine your "Major Player" designs

Week 13 – Major Player designs presented. Work in-class on "fleshing out" the character. Homework: Final illustration of Major Player, "action thumbnails" of Major Player, and Major Player prop/weapon sketches

Week 14 – Thanksgiving Break

Week 15 – Major players final presentation. Work in-class on storyboards / planning your final pitch.

Week 16 – Final Pitch-Presentations / Survey

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